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One and only, Tagore

So far we have talked about ‘western art history’ and all the creativity that was evolved in the ‘western world’. Here in India we have had some immense creativity that have been passed down the generations that indirectly influenced us and our culture. Let us talk about a few Indian artists who have influenced us […]

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A masquerade party anyone?

Talking about masks, yet again…Have you ever seen a masquerade party? This kind of party was started in the 16th century in France where masks were worn during marriages of the upper class. The kings and queens used to wear masks to be unapproachable. It’s a way of setting themselves apart from the crowd. These […]

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African masks

Did you watch the movie, “The Mask” that I suggested last week? It’s a fun movie, isn’t it? So maybe now I can tell you more about masks and their origin. Many countries have different styles of masks that has been used for various purposes. Today I’d like to tell you about African masks. Many […]

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Art of Masks

“Give a man a mask and he will reveal his true self!” If you’ve heard this line before you will know it holds true for most of us in almost all situations. But, why did masks really come into being? There are so many different materials used, colours, shapes, sizes, and of course, expressions! Like […]

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The curators of Art

“I have curated a new fashion line!”“I am a curator of paintings!”“I curate…” What does this term really mean. It’s become almost a fashion to say this. ‘Cura’ in Latin means to take care. People who take care of the heritage of Museums, Art Galleries, Sculptures… maybe even Cheese and Wine become curators. To become […]

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History of Origami

Do you know how Origami originated and when? It was first done in 105 A.D. in Ancient China. Can you imagine how long ago that was. It’s amazing that even paper was originated back then and used for craft or decoration. Origami literally meaning the art of folding paper. It was a means of prayer […]

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Message on the wall

So, what do you know about graffiti? Is it just scribbling on walls with paints drawing swirls and butterfly and faces or do you feel it has any meaning? Graffiti was painted on rocks with soil during the ancient era to pass on short messages… this style of art has always been around. Since the […]

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Runner who makes art on the way!

What’s the relation between running and art? A lot if you ask Lenny Maughan. For the past four years, Lenny Maughan has been turning his routes into art. His paths through the city of San Francisco are carefully chosen so that, viewed on a map, they form illustrations of everything from a simple heart shape […]

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The art of our times

So have your parents told you about how when they were kids they had a radio, or VCR player… or even a television in their house for the first time? Or how they would run to their neighbours to catch a glimpse of what images or sounds that machine was transmitting? It sounds so outdated […]

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The Art we feel!

Modern Art is such a common term for the art you see around that it doesn’t make sense to many of us, isn’t it? We use it or hear it being said by people who see only colours on canvas or a subject that we don’t necessarily understand. But here’s the thing. Modern Art began […]