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Medical bill can also be art!

An art collective turned three Americans’ medical bills into paintings and then sold them to erase $73,000 worth of debt! Imagine this! MSCHF, the Brooklyn-based group of artists and designers who previously cut up a Damien Hirst painting and sold off the individual paintings after which they recreated three peoples’ medical invoices as large scale […]

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The stolen statue, and how it came back to India

While Installing her show at a Canadian Museum, an artist discovered a looted statue in the collection. Now it’s headed back to India. During her research for an exhibition at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Divya Mehra developed suspicions about a Hindu sculpture. This story started in India in 1913 to Saskatchewan in 2020—and it all […]

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Under that mask is a genius!

Plastic artist Jorge Silva Roriz paints customised protective masks while wearing his own, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease at his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jorge Roriz, 65, used to create the magical world of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival with its colourful costumes and extravagant floats. The dancers would flaunt their costumes […]

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Bria Goeller: The artist and the storyteller

Bria Goeller is an artist from the Bay Area in California, USA. She is an artist, designer, and creator. She believes in the power of storytelling to encourage vulnerability and empathy. Bria maintains her own art practice, teaches and designs unique and sustainable ways of communicating through creative content – like graphics, portraits, custom art, […]

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A young artist with a vision

“The world needs artists and designers as much as it does doctors and engineers, because designers have the ability to make life easier and better for the society.” ~ Tamara Divina Esmeralda Borges Tamara is a shy girl when you see her but once you see her art work, there is so much power in […]

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Mumbai’s great visual artist

Who remembers the Bleed Blue campaign for the Indian Cricket team? It’s a dream come true for any artist to be creating content for the Gods of our country. Meet Gautam A Gajbar. He belongs to Mumbai and is a graphic artist.  His education has been from L.S.Raheja School of Arts – Applied arts diploma. […]

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An ancient cat drawing discovered in Peru

We all know cats like to laze around, and purr in warm cozy places. Owners of cats know how eccentric their pet can be but imagine a drawing of a cat which is more than 2,000 years old and is a life size portrait. A massive ancient drawing of a cat has been discovered near […]

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Kids’ artworks make the largest painting on canvas!

British artist Sacha Jafri has taken over the ballroom of a luxury hotel in Dubai to produce the largest painting ever created on canvas. Upon its completion next month, the 1,980-square-meter (over 21,000 square feet) artwork will be cut into separate panels, which painter Sacha Jafri is auctioning off in the hope of raising $30 […]

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Taruna Singh, and artist with a love for nature

Taruna is a happy soul who loves to share the creativity with as many people she comes across.  I love her enthusiasm and encouragement towards her fellow people. Taruna comes from an agricultural background and since childhood she was always surrounded by passionate people who taught her to appreciate nature, wildlife; the simple pleasures of […]

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The magic of PaRa

We have learned about legends in the art world who have created masterpieces during their times. These masterpieces help auction houses make a business out of these emotions of the artists. These artists are no more with us and so their emotions and thought process is not accessible to us. In turn, evaluating their art […]