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Meet Conrad Jon Godly

Conrad Jon Godly is an abstract landscape artist living in Davos Switzerland. He works with oil paints on canvas. Living in the middle of these magnificent mountains, he is well acquainted with every crevice and turns of the mountains. The many shades of colors draw him to paint with thick layers that more often take […]

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Top Art Curators in the world

We talked about the business of art. Now let us meet a few Art Curators who have uplifted the community to bring their best foot forward and make a difference in the world of art. These curators are examples of how one person can shape the outlook and perception of society to let the collective […]

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Banksy-Funded Rescue Vessel Evacuated After Distress Call

The British street artist Banksy has accused European officials of ignoring maritime distress calls from non-Europeans after he helped fund a rescue vessel to assist migrants stranded in the central Mediterranean for days. Hundreds of migrants were transferred to several rescue ships on Saturday as international aid groups urged European officials to let them come […]

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Business of Selling Art

Making of art is for the creative minds and selling of art is for the logical, tactical and analytical minds. The two have a correlation of only demand and pricing. If an art buyer is interested in buying a particular art directly from the buyer, then the art will be sold at the rate the […]

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Business of selling Art

We make art and feel good about ourselves. Or watch people making colorful or paintings with deep thoughts. But how do these paintings get sold? What do art buyers think when they are attracted to a certain painting? First and foremost the painting has to mean something important for an art buyer if they are […]

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10 YO Mini-Monet donates all earnings to charity

A 10-year-old British girl, who has been dubbed as mini-Monet, received an astounding amount for her painting, and donated it for charity! Daisy Watt started painting only four years ago when two of her grandparents were diagnosed with cancer and she painted a picture to cheer them up. She painted a picture of her garden […]

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Illustration for kids

Would you like to make figures of your parents and friends to gift them? Let us learn how! You can take a photo of your parents or your friends in front of you and see the basic shapes the faces and bodies make. Some faces are round, oval heart shapes or triangles. Eyes are almond […]

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Historiography is a prelude to understanding history as a form of knowledge. Interpretation begins by asking how history came to be written, who the historians were, why they were writing and what were the intellectual and ideological influences that shaped their histories. These constitute shifts and influences in the way history is read. Promilla Thappar, […]

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Here’s an assignment for you!

Artist Seamus Wray Artist Seamus Wray has painted his own self, painting his own self, who paints the two of them, and continues the chain (like looking in the L mirror). He seems to be so self observant that he paints the surroundings, lighting, angle and also himself in a very realistic manner. Artist Seamus […]

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The shock value of art!

History of Art is a very interesting field. It helps us go to the root of the reason why we see what we see, feel what we feel, and also interact the way we do. Do you ever realise that when we follow our day to day routine, we become immune to what we are […]