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World has seen more than 5 million Covid cases already, India crosses 1 lac 

The number of Coronavirus cases in the world has crossed the 5-million mark, even as India reported more than 1,00,000 cases.  The United States, Russia, the UK, Spain, Italy and France continue to see cases rising. Death toll in America is as high as the positive cases in many countries.  But more and more nations […]

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Nursing facts everyone should know 

Every year on May 12, the world celebrates International Nurses Day to mark the contributions that nurses make to society. This year the day was much more special due to the ongoing epidemic and the positions of nursing staff all around the world as the first line of workforce in combating the virus. Let’s gather […]

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World Red Cross Day: Know more about this organisation

Every year, May 8 is celebrated as World Red Cross or Red Crescent Day to celebrate the good work that the Red Cross Movement does every day around the world. This day also marks the birth anniversary of Swiss businessman Henri Dunant, who came up with the idea of the Red Cross Movement.  Let’s read […]

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What have we learnt from this new virus 

We all know what’s happening around us because of Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a dangerous new disease caused by a new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. It spreads through human contact.  The first person ‘Patient Zero’ got it in a fresh meat market in Wuhan probably from bat meat. He or she may have shook a  friend’s hand, or […]

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UK to start testing Covid 19 vaccine 

Human trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine started in the UK, however the government doesn’t want to be very optimistic and added a word of caution that “nothing about this process is certain”. The vaccine was developed by scientists at the University of Oxford who believe there is an 80 per cent chance of success. […]

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A doctor’s advice in the time of lockdown 

These are tough times, and there would be more problems ahead. But we as people need to recognise our strengths and work with hope and energy.  Dr Sunita Dube is a renowned MD radiologist and founder chairman of MedScapeIndia. She is actively involved in the fight against Coronavirus. She talked to MyCoup about the ongoing […]

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First stage of testing Covid 19 vaccine 

Australia’s national science agency said it has started the first stage of testing potential vaccines for COVID-19, as it joins a global race to halt the coronavirus pandemic. Pre-clinical testing by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), comprising injecting ferrets with two potential vaccines, was underway at its high-containment biosecurity facility near Melbourne. […]

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Covid 19: Indian cases cross 650, world reels under virus 

The total number of COVID-19 patients in India has crossed 650. With Tamil Nadu witnessing its first coronavirus casualty, the death toll in the country has climbed to 13. Of these active cases, 602 are Indians and 47 are foreign nationals. A total of 43 patients have been cured so far, according to the Ministry […]

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Wash your hands, not just now but always 

You must be surprised by the sudden addition of instructions from your mom. Well, the instructions never cease but in wake of the current situation, mommies have gone a bit paranoid about hand wash. You think? Well, you’re wrong. Actually, mommies are right (aren’t they always!), washing your hands would help stay safe from Covid […]

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More than 170 people have Covid 19 in India 

To contain the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus disease, the government has asked schools to shut down, offices to let employees work from home and people to not travel without an emergency.  The virus has infected around 170 people in India so far, including 25 foreign nationals and one Army jawan in Leh. Three […]