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In depth: What is the new Dandi March celebrating 75 years of Independence?

It’s been over 90 years since Mahatma Gandhi marched to Dandi and proclaimed a campaign which shook the British empire in India.  Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the “Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav” which commemorates the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence next year re-enacting the Dandi March from March 12 to April 5. The […]

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The genius that Albert Einstein was!

Albert Einstein’s scientific theories and mathematical ideas made him nothing less than a genius. But this genius was also a pacifist and supported civil rights. There is more to Einstein than his genius. On his birthday, let’s find out more about him. The baby Einstein was born with a “swollen, misshapen head and a grossly […]

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Do you want an Earth view room? This hotel in Space should be your next destination!

Sitting home for a year during the pandemic, we all have been fantasising about our next vacay. But why just stop at the sea beaches of Maldives and snow-capped mountains of Switzerland? Open your horizons and book a room at a space hotel. Yes, space tourism is the new buzz, and a hotel in space […]

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Take that nap, it’s good for you

It seems we are the only generation who continue to complain about sleep deprivation and yet refuse to sleep when we get time. The world has woken up to the importance of sleep. Gone are the days when grandparents used to admonish kids for sleeping too much or labelling them as lazy. Actually, it has […]

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Knowledge Station: The mystery behind floating icebergs

Puzzle: They float like an island but you can’t live there.  Answer: Iceberg Be it the great story of sunken ship Titanic or fun narration of Penguins movie, icebergs have captured human imagination for ages. How they form and survive and how they are an ecosystem in themselves, is all a great mystery to a […]

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In depth: Why Simlipal Reserve fire is a matter of concern

A lot had been written about the Amazon and California wildfires last year but there’s another fire raging at home too. And it’s only now that the administration has come into action. It’s been more than 10 days that a fire has been raging at Simlipal Forest Reserve and has gutted a major part of […]

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In depth: What is the COVAX programme and why is it important?

Recently, the chief of the World Health Organisation (WHO) thanked India for supporting vaccine equity. Through committing to COVAX,  India is helping more than 60 countries to start vaccinating their health workers and other priority groups. So what is this COVAX programme?  The Mission Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access, abbreviated as COVAX, is a global initiative […]

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Know all about the world’s largest stadium, and it’s in India!

Though all cricket-loving eyes have been on India-England pink ball day night Test match, the world at large has been buzzing over something else. Not the game, but where it’s been held. Ahmedabad’s Motera stadium in Gujarat is the largest cricket stadium in the world. And if you’re wondering where you heard that name before, […]

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National Science Day: Know the man behind this celebration

India celebrates National Science Day every year on February 28, but do you know why we do that only on this date? Actually, it was on February 28, that a great Indian scientist discovered something so spectacular that it not only brought laurels to this country and him, but changed the way we looked at […]

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Is it a code or just an art? Mysteries behind famous paintings

If you have watched the Da Vinci Code and other Dan Brown novel-based movies, you must wonder how much of those conspiracy theories are actually true. The whole idea of people leaving a message behind in a code or even in simple writing hundreds of years ago makes for an exciting discovery. So when this […]