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Must-watch movies this August 15

Independence Day celebration is becoming more of a breather holiday and less of a salutation to our freedom struggle. Amidst the routine flag hoisting, dressing up as great leaders and evening outings, our children need to understand the sentiment associated with August 15. But it’s never too late to introduce our kids with our history. […]

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Lesser-known facts about India’s Independence…

Do you know why we celebrate August 15 as the Independence Day when actually we became independent on July 18, 1947? The date of August 15 was chosen by the Last Viceroy and first Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten, as it was the same day in 1945 that Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces […]

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Want to send your satellite to space? Read this

India would be celebrating 75 years of Independence in 2022 and the government is ready with a few achievements to honour that occasion. For one, there are steps toward space exploration and to generate interest of students in astronomy the Indian Technology Congress Association (ITCA) has conceived a plan. Up to 75 tiny satellites built […]

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Kashmir: Before and after Article 370

Last week we told you how Jammu and Kashmir had special privileges despite being an Indian state. But on Monday, August 5, 2019, the Indian government changed that status after passing an amendment to the Constitution. Now J&K is no more a state but divided into two Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. […]

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Raksha Bandhan Around The Atlas!

Brother-sister bond is unlike any other. Siblings share a love-hate relationship. One moment you want to kill him, the next moment you can’t wait to share the most interesting gossip you just heard. She maybe a snitch, but she also saves you from the wrath of your parents. Be it Dexter and DeeDee or Ron […]

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These young women athletes are pride of India

They are young, they are talented, they have an amazing sense of sportsmanship, and they do not belong to Men’s Cricket Team. Our female athletes have been making India proud for years, but the list is getting younger and longer with each passing day. Let’s have a look at our female force on the field… […]

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The walls around us!

Walls are everywhere. They make our houses stand straight, they save us from the truant weather and don’t you love hiding behind a wall in the game of hide-and-seek? But walls are not just limited to our society compounds and school buildings.  Donald Trump had announced to build a wall between the US and Mexican […]

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Why is Jammu & Kashmir ‘special’?

Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. It is the northernmost state of our country, and though it’s governed by Indian Constitution, it has been given certain special privileges keeping in view of the state’s controversial history. The Article 370 of the Constitution gave autonomous stature to the state of J&K. This means […]

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Let’s take nature home

We all want our children to respect nature, but where do we start? Author Benita Sen suggests we start from home. In her latest book for children One Lonely Tiger, Sen talks about the jungle and its animals, earth and nature, and man and his friends. Her verses help kids to think, and talk. In […]

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The three Indian stars in UK Cabinet

Boris Johnson is the new prime minister of the United Kingdom but the most interesting fact for Indians is the list of three PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) in his cabinet. Alok Sharma, Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak have been selected to be part of the UK government. The three Indian-origin ministers have been given […]