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Americans protests against racism 

The USA has erupted into a stream of protests after a black man named George Floyd was killed while being taken into custody by policemen. Though the policemen were suspended from duty, and one also fired from his job, the whole country has been witnessing protests for almost two weeks now.  What is racism We […]

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Covid 19: World tries to inch toward normalcy but cases on the rise 

Indian government decided to extend the lockdown because of Coronavirus infections till June 30, but left the rules of each zone to be decided by the states. Most of the states have decided to reopen the economy.  Maharashtra plans to open the state in phases. From this Monday, it is expected that courts and offices […]

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Cyclone Nisarga: Mumbai escapes but other coastal areas hit 

Mumbai narrowly missed the eye of the storm, when cyclone Nisarga made a landfall this week. Though it has been said that Mumbai, for the first time in history, may be affected by the cyclone, it escaped when the storm turned toward Dombivali and Raigad district. However, Konkan area saw a lot of damage. At […]

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SpaceX to send NASA astronauts to ISS 

The US space agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is sending its two astronauts to space, in a private spacerocket. The spacecraft — designed, built and owned by SpaceX — will eventually blast off headed for the International Space Station, the first time a private company has been used for NASA astronauts. It will also […]

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Read JK Rowling’s new book online, for free! 

It is NOT a spin off of Harry Potter! Famous writer of the wizarding world has published a new book online, and it’s free for all to read.  Till now she published two chapters and has promised to upload the remaining chapters of the book in coming weeks.  The fairy tale “The Ickabog” would also […]

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These maps show the literal names of countries, and states! 

Travelling is fun, it opens horizons, gives experiences and creates memories. But while travelling have you ever thought what would the said destination mean in their own language?  Learning the etymology – the origin of words – of countries around the world offers us fascinating insight into the origins of some of our favorite travel […]

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India on top 10 Covid affected nations; US death toll crosses 1 lac 

India surpassed China and Iran to become top 10 Coronavirus-affected countries. The country is relaxing lockdown rules in different states even as it reported more than 1,30,000 cases and 4,000 deaths.  Maharashtra has been reporting the highest number of infections, mostly from Mumbai.  Globally, the infection tally has crossed 5.6 million and the US alone […]

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These trees help reduce pollution 

We all know the importance of greenery but did you know there are a few trees which are much better than others to make the air cleaner? Let’s find out about them… Mediterranean hackberry  A fast-growing plant that can grow up to 20-25 metres. It’s particularly suited to absorbing carbon dioxide (3,660 kilos in 20 […]

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Cyclone Amphan devastates Bengal, Bangladesh 

As if the problems of Coronavirus were not enough, the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha, and Bangladesh have had to face another calamity. Cyclone Amphan struck land on Wednesday, lashing coastal areas with ferocious wind and rain, and killing at least 22 people while destroying properties worth crores.  The chief minister of Bengal […]

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World has seen more than 5 million Covid cases already, India crosses 1 lac 

The number of Coronavirus cases in the world has crossed the 5-million mark, even as India reported more than 1,00,000 cases.  The United States, Russia, the UK, Spain, Italy and France continue to see cases rising. Death toll in America is as high as the positive cases in many countries.  But more and more nations […]