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Republic Day facts you should know 

It was on January 26, 1930 that Purna Swaraj Day or India’s Independence Day was first celebrated. This was the day the country decided to push for complete freedom from the British. After the Constitution was framed, our leaders decided to celebrate Indian Republic Day on January 26 to commemorate that day. There are two […]

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First Smog Tower comes to Delhi 

The New Year brought some breath of fresh air for Delhiites, literally. The national capital got its first smog tower in the first week of January, and citizens are vouching for its effectiveness.  What is smog tower This 20-feet-tall giant air purifier has been erected on a 4 feet high platform on a covered drain […]

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Frozen 2 is the most popular animated movie… do you know the others? 

It’s official. Frozen 2 has become the most successful animated film till date. And we’re talking business here. The film raked almost Rs97,00,00,00,000 worldwide to dethrone its first movie in the franchise. Now that we know who’s on the top, would you like to read about the rest of the money makers? Here’s the list […]

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Cricket: Ben Stoke is the best player of the year 

The International Cricket Council has named its winners of the year. And anyone who knows anything about cricket understands that these awards are what Oscars are for the entertainment industry.  The prestigious award Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for World Player of the Year has gone to England’s Ben Stokes.  India too has its shining star […]

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Manila is covered in volcanic ash 

If anyone doubted the environmental threats, it’s time to change their minds now. While the bushfires in Australia are still raging, another country is gearing to fight another natural calamity.  A volcano ready to erupt A volcano near the Philippine capital Manila has been spewing lava into the sky and trembling constantly. The earthquakes are […]

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This Doodle Boy was punished for his art 

Joe Whale loved scribbling and drawing on his textbooks. And though his sketches gained praise, they mostly were also the reason for him being punished. You can’t keep doodling on your maths and English notebooks in class, can you? And need to listen to teachers, especially when you’re a 10-year-old kid.  But his parents took […]

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Australian fire affects millions, including animals 

The new year has not started on such a happy note for Australia where thousands have been displaced and millions of animals have been affected due to the raging bushfires. The Australian sky had turned red due to the fires. And though many fires were controlled, few are still going on and affecting the livelihood […]

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Koalas are in danger, and people are coming to help them 

One of the most iconic animals of Australia is koala bear, and the raging bushfire has affected their population. Many videos surfaced where the animals were yelping for help. A large number of koalas have died in the fires.  But there are Samaritans ready to help and save. People from all over the world have […]

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Why are the US and Iran fighting? 

Relations between the US and Iran have never been too friendly but the recent events could lead to a new low in the ongoing tussle. Recently, Iran launched missile attacks on two US military bases in Iraq. On the other hand, the US has imposed more sanctions on Iran. But that’s not the whole story. […]

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Hello 2020! What the year has in store for us

It’s the start of the new decade. Besides being a leap year, 2020 is special in many other ways. There are a lot of exciting events and moments to keep you engaged. And you can add your special moments too…  SportsLove sports? Welcome to 2020! While the regulars like Wimbledon, Chess and Golf tournaments would […]