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What’s social distancing?

In the times of Coronavirus, you must be hearing one phrase a bit too often — social distancing. It’s vouched to keep you safe from getting affected. But what is it? Let’s find out. The concept It simply means no contact with others. That also means no mass gatherings or any other meet-ups in places […]

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Mahatma Gandhi to go digital 

The times are changing, and so should the people. Mahatma Gandhi is respected all over the world for his ideals and views, but to make him more popular, the government of Maharashtra has decided to make him digital. Mani Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial at Gamdevi, has received a grant of Rs10 crore from the state […]

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Afghanistan: Would the US leave with two presidents and active Taliban? 

Afghanistan has been a troubled nation, for years now. After Osama bin Laden-backed Al Qaeda attacked the US on September 11, 2001, the American troops uprooted the notorious Taliban.  Taliban defeated, democracy back A democratic elected government came into being with Hamid Karzai as its president. But all was not well. Though the Taliban fighters […]

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COVID19: Indian cases cross 70 

Fresh cases of Coronavirus have been reported from India touching the positive cases to more than 70, out of which two have been reported from Mumbai and 11 overall from Maharashtra.  The government has restricted entry and exit in the country for a month as a precaution. This means nobody is allowed to travel abroad […]

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World’s smallest dinosaur is as big as hummingbird 

The world’s smallest dinosaur has been discovered, and it’s stuck in a Burmese amber.  About 99 million years ago, a “super weird” and incredibly small bird-like dinosaur got stuck in a gob of tree resin that eventually hardened into amber, preserving what may be the tiniest dinosaur ever known to live on Earth, researchers of […]

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Sikkim’s bamboo bottles are true plastic alternatives 

In a bid to combat plastic pollution, Lachen, a town in Sikkim has introduced bamboo water bottles for tourists as a replacement for plastic water bottles.  With this, Lachen becomes the first town in our country to completely get rid of packaged drinking water bottles. It has been more than eight years that Lachen became […]

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Holi colours have deeper meaning 

A festival where we can throw colours and water on our friends and loved ones! Yes please…This is the best festival ever! Celebration of life Holi is a celebration of overcoming your fears or turning of negativity to positivity in life, whether it’s mending relationships, victory of good over evil, end of winter season over […]

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Namaste may keep you safe from Coronavirus 

While the world is gripped by Coronovirus fear, India is already reaching there with almost 30 new cases. As we all know that the virus is spread via droplets — coughing or sneezing — or by touching the affected surfaces, greeting each other in traditional handshake is a complete no-no. Should we say that the […]

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Coronavirus: More than 30 cases in India 

The novel coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19, has spread rapidly across more than 80 countries. And India is one of the newest countries to get hit. At least 29 people have tested positive for the virus, thankfully three have already recovered. Delhi, Jaipur bad Hyderabad remaining the virus hub.  As a precautionary measure, few schools in […]

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What is pandemic, and is Coronavirus one? 

A sharp rise in Coronavirus cases is making experts fear that it may soon become a worldwide pandemic. Why the fear? In recent months an outbreak of the deadly virus, known as covid-19, has plagued most regions in China and has also reached the UK and mainland Europe. New cases are being reported on a […]