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Vaccine hopes rise but cases refuse to subside

It seems there’s no end to the agony that is Coronavirus. Even as many countries continue to relax lockdown rules, many new nations are showing immense spikes in the number of cases. The Latin American and South African countries are now showing an increase in the number of cases. Though it may be a result […]

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For the first time, Hajj was denied to outsiders

Pilgrimage is an important part of any religion. In Islam, Hajj is one of the most important tenets of the religion. Every year, Muslims from around the world travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to complete the hajj.  Why is it important? Hajj is important as Muslims believe it is commanded by Allah. The Qur’an speaks […]

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What is the New Education Policy and what’s in store for you?

Talking about studies and education may seem a bit too stressful in this time of lockdown and Coronavirus, but the government doesn’t seem to mind the timing. The Cabinet approved New Education Policy last week and suggested many revolutionary changes in the way education can be earned by the upcoming generation. Here are a few […]

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Covid 19: Mumbai sees silver lining but the danger is not over

The Central government has come out with new guidelines for the lockdown and while there may be a few reliefs, the state governments are in no mood to relent.  While the guidelines say that gyms can reopen by the first week of August, it seems unlikely that any state would adhere to that advice. Tamil […]

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A space station which is UNDER water!

Ever wondered why there are more humans who have ventured into space than those who have explored the deep trenches on earth? The answer is simple. It’s much more complicated. And much more difficult to stay alive under water. Now a duo have come up with an ambitious plan to create an underwater research station […]

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How Rafale jets make IAF stronger

Five Rafale fighter jets which landed in Ambala air base from France are touted as the next line of defence for the Indian Air Force (IAF). These jets are the first foreign induction by the IAF in 23 years into its mind-boggling inventory of fighters. What’s Rafale? The five jets are part of the 36 […]

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India’s a major player in Covid 19 vaccine

India is not only the second most populous country of the world but it also has the highest market for vaccines. Whether any company in the world is able to invent a vaccine for Covid 19, one thing is for sure: India would play a major role in its production and consumption as well.  India, […]

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KFC to sell 3D chicken nuggets

We had never thought of writing printing and meat in the same line, but thanks to a fast food chain, the impossible has become a reality. KFC is creating lab-grown meat made from stem cells to make a “meat for the future”. The trials of 3D-printed chicken will begin in Russia as part of the […]

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‘Recently active’ volcanoes on Venus!

Our Venus may not be so calm after all. Scientists have identified 37 volcanic structures on Venus that appear to be recently active – and probably still are today – painting the picture of a geologically dynamic planet and not a dormant world as long thought. The research focused on ring-like structures called coronae, caused […]

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Assam floods leave thousands displaced

Heavy seasonal rainfall has led to floods in Northeast states. Assam and Meghalaya  are worst-hit with the former reporting more than 80 deaths. The deluge has forced more than 2.5 million people to flee their homes since May in the state of Assam, known for its lush green tea gardens and a famous wildlife park. […]