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No fans in stands

Empty stands have been the new normal for tennis since last year due to COVID-19 restrictions but top men’s players like Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic said they still find it difficult to maintain their intensity during matches in the absence of fans. The professional circuit was shut down for several months last year before […]

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Google, BMW, Volvo, and Samsung SDI sign up to WWF call for temporary ban on deep-sea mining

Google, BMW, Volvo and Samsung SDI are the first global companies to have signed up to a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) call for a moratorium on deep-sea mining, the WWF said on Wednesday. In backing the call, the companies commit not to source any minerals from the seabed, to exclude such minerals from their supply […]

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World’s Largest Painting Sells For $62 Million

British artist Sacha Jafri has had an incredible year. In September, he set the record for creating the world’s largest painting. Last week, the painting was sold for $62 million, which Mr. Jafri will give to charity. Mr. Jafri is a 44-year-old artist from England. Last year, as the coronavirus  spread and many countries went […]

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India posts record COVID-19 cases, 13-fold jump over two months

India’s second wave of coronavirus infections continued to swell as it reported a record 115,736 new cases on Wednesday, a 13-fold increase in just over two months and raising pressure on the government to expand its vaccination campaign. The federal government has asked states to decide on local curbs to control the spread of the […]

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Philadelphia Will Go Dark to Protect Birds

Starting April 1, many of the skyscrapers and other buildings in Philadelphia will be going dark at night. Though the move will cut down on energy use, the main goal of the effort is to help protect migrating birds. Why do birds Migrate? Many kinds of birds migrate twice a year, raising a family in […]

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IN DEPTH: Huge Container Ship Blocks Suez Canal

A massive container ship got stuck in the middle of the Suez Canal on Tuesday, blocking traffic in a very important shipping area. It’s not known how long it will take to free the ship and open the canal again. What is the Suez Canal? The Suez Canal is a man-made waterway in Egypt which […]

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Vaccine Trials for Kids

Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Shows ‘100% Efficacy’ In Adolescents United States of America New clinical trials showed that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine elicits “100% efficacy and robust antibody responses” in adolescents from 12-15 years old, the drug company announced Wednesday. The trial included 2,260 trial participants; the results are even better than earlier responses from participants […]

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Cold and cough are the worst kind of infections. You can’t sleep and neither can you work. Medicines don’t work either. But according to a study, one fruit juice can help you fight cough.  A study found that pineapple juice was part of an effective treatment for tuberculosis, thanks to its ability to soothe the […]

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Art Profile: Meet Amrita Sequeira

This week Amrita Shares her artwork with us and what motivates her.  1/ Your medium of art and what techniques do you focus on Ans: Acrylics & Knife Painting, Organic Pigment Painting, Dot Mandalas, Watercolours, Sketching & Shading basically i am a Jack-of-all kinda person. Mostly all my art is mood driven, and i never […]

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Watch: Eight YO solves three Rubik’s cubes all at one time!

Have you ever tried solving a Rubik’s puzzle? Sure, you have… but have you tried solving three, and all at the same time? This is no gibberish talk but a fact. An eight year old boy from India has entered the Guinness Book of Records by solving three Rubik’s cubes all together using his hands […]