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Artificial snow to celebrate new year 

It’s difficult to think of Moscow without snow in winters. But this year has been a bit different. Russia is experiencing its warmest December since 1886. Such has been the state that authorities have brought in artificial snow ahead of the New Year celebrations. According to Russia’s Hydrometeorological Research Centre, the temperature rose above 6 […]

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Amazon to open shelter for homeless in its Headquarter 

Sharing and caring is the spirit of humanity, and while we all know this, seldom this principle is followed. However, there are few who think for the underprivileged. Amazon is building a homeless shelter inside its downtown Seattle headquarters. Eight floors of an upcoming office building will be home to the Mary’s Place Family Center […]

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Different forms of art in India

Happy New Year to all you lovely people! I hope your year is full of good health, fun adventures and lots of learning. Since it is the new year, now let’s start a new series on the various kinds of art in India. Pichwai, Warli, Tanjore, are some of the paintings that have been used […]

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Listings: Have a fun week ahead

What: Eye Level Coloring CompetitionWhen: Saturday, 4th January 2020 | 11AM-12PMWhere: Eye Level Seawoods Nerul Center, Shop No 6, Mauli Chs,, Navi MumbaiBy: Eye Level SeawoodsFor: For more info call 07217898997Cost: Rs 100Detailed Info:https://allevents.in/navi%20mumbai/eye-level-coloring-competition/200018727863028 What: Gujarati Food Festival When: Friday, 10th – Sunday 12th January 2020 | 1PM Where: KoraKendra Grounds, Kora Kendra Ground, Rm […]

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Licence to thrill 

We all love our James Bonds, Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirots. But not all spy movies are macho, cerebral and calculative. Some are fun and yes, non-violent.  Spies in Disguise may not be very high on the idea but it’s promising on delivery. Though the story is passable tale of young geeky kid helping his […]

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Superman’s cape is on sale 

Are you a fan of superman? If yes, then there’s a good news for you. His very first original cape is on sale. But no, your monthly allowance and piggy bank won’t do. The object of your desire would most probably be sold anywhere between Rs70,00,000and Rs1,50,00,000. This Superman’s very first cape and Bilbo Baggins’ […]

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Villagers knit jumbo jackets for elephants 

Winters are here. North India is already wrapped in heavy fog and dipping temperatures. Are you all wrapped up in thermals and knitwears? But what about the animals?  Well, there are good Samaritans who do their bit for the animals too. Animal lovers in Mathura are knitting sweaters for elephants at the Wildlife SOS Elephant […]

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Laugh out loud with this one

Like its predecessor, this latest “Jumanji” movie combines fantasy action and adventure with some comedy, and real-life lessons about courage, friendship, and empathy—all with the help of some low-key race and gender fluidity.  Four teenagers of varying social positions would be forced to inhabit the bodies of avatars that looked suspiciously like Dwayne “The Rock” […]

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Christmas wreath

The christmas wreath has been a significant symbol for Christmas. We remember it being hung on doors, walls, on Christmas trees, at the altar of the Lord or even a tomb. The circle is a symbol of eternity. Of never ending circle of youth, vitality and energy. We make wreaths out of fresh leaves, twigs, […]

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Going bananas over art

Mourizio Cattelan and his Hyper Realistic Sculptures Banana stuck on the wall with a duct tape is Art! And the first two sold for $120,000 (approximately Rs 86,00,000) whereas the third one was for $150000 (approximately Rs 1,00,00,000).  To understand this idea we must go back to the style of this particular artist. Born on […]