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Banksy-Funded Rescue Vessel Evacuated After Distress Call

The British street artist Banksy has accused European officials of ignoring maritime distress calls from non-Europeans after he helped fund a rescue vessel to assist migrants stranded in the central Mediterranean for days. Hundreds of migrants were transferred to several rescue ships on Saturday as international aid groups urged European officials to let them come […]

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Check out this fun interactive map!

We all know where we live, where historical monuments are, where our places of business are. Knowing the location of your whereabouts is reassuring. But imagine your location 750 million years ago. Would Mumbai be still at the same place where it is? Did it move? Did it exist 750 million years ago at all? […]

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You must have heard this term “vocal for local” a lot now a days- Prime Minister Modi has been stressing on it, media, your schools, #vocalforlocal has been trending everywhere.  The last few months of the pandemic have taught us the importance of being “atmanirbhar” or self reliant in our own little world.  This blog […]

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Business of Selling Art

Making of art is for the creative minds and selling of art is for the logical, tactical and analytical minds. The two have a correlation of only demand and pricing. If an art buyer is interested in buying a particular art directly from the buyer, then the art will be sold at the rate the […]

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Bayern Munich are the Champions!

It was a strange event after all, so no surprise the results were also strangely different. Bayern Munich won their sixth Champions League title against Paris Saint-Germain in Lisbon. But what’s most spectacular is that they didn’t lose a single match in the whole tournament. They won all their 11 Champions League matches this season, […]

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This Dark Knight rises for the hungry!

Gotham may not be in Chile, but a Knight in a shiny black suit and pointy ears (and a face mask!) roams about the city of Santiago helping the poor and hungry. He may not be the mythical Batman but he surely is a much better one when it comes to helping real people.  This […]

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Business of selling Art

We make art and feel good about ourselves. Or watch people making colorful or paintings with deep thoughts. But how do these paintings get sold? What do art buyers think when they are attracted to a certain painting? First and foremost the painting has to mean something important for an art buyer if they are […]

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Books: Your best picks this month

Title: Pacey Packer: Unicorn Tracker Author: JC Phillipps Publisher: Penguin Random House In the first of a new graphic novel series, Pacey Packer fantasizes about battling foes while she babysits her little sister, Mina, who’s never without her stuffed unicorn named Slasher. Pacey rolls her eyes whenever Mina insists that Slasher is an actual unicorn […]

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A dent on Earth’s magnetic field may affect the ISS!

You all must agree that a dent on your car can transform your dad’s facial expressions, beware of that frown! Now imagine a dent on our Earth’s magnetic shield and then imagine the frown on nature’s forehead! Scary right?  The US space agency Nasa has said the widening dent in the Earth’s magnetic shield has […]

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Illustration for kids

Would you like to make figures of your parents and friends to gift them? Let us learn how! You can take a photo of your parents or your friends in front of you and see the basic shapes the faces and bodies make. Some faces are round, oval heart shapes or triangles. Eyes are almond […]