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Books: Your best picks this month

Title: Pacey Packer: Unicorn Tracker Author: JC Phillipps Publisher: Penguin Random House In the first of a new graphic novel series, Pacey Packer fantasizes about battling foes while she babysits her little sister, Mina, who’s never without her stuffed unicorn named Slasher. Pacey rolls her eyes whenever Mina insists that Slasher is an actual unicorn […]

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A dent on Earth’s magnetic field may affect the ISS!

You all must agree that a dent on your car can transform your dad’s facial expressions, beware of that frown! Now imagine a dent on our Earth’s magnetic shield and then imagine the frown on nature’s forehead! Scary right?  The US space agency Nasa has said the widening dent in the Earth’s magnetic shield has […]

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Illustration for kids

Would you like to make figures of your parents and friends to gift them? Let us learn how! You can take a photo of your parents or your friends in front of you and see the basic shapes the faces and bodies make. Some faces are round, oval heart shapes or triangles. Eyes are almond […]

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Muppet Now: The new Disney series doesn’t match the original

If you haven’t watched the Muppet movies, now is the time. We would suggest The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan to be watched with your family. They are funny and warm, and capture the true essence of the wit and intention of the affable characters created by Jim Henson.  […]

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Orchestra helps deaf people hear Beethoven!

Music has no boundaries, so why should anyone be devoid of a beautiful piece? That too of the famous Beethoven!  In the sweetest gesture, Budapest’s Danubia orchestra is helping people ‘hear’ and literally feel Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony. The performers are positioned in a way that allows the audience members with the most severe hearing […]

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Historiography is a prelude to understanding history as a form of knowledge. Interpretation begins by asking how history came to be written, who the historians were, why they were writing and what were the intellectual and ideological influences that shaped their histories. These constitute shifts and influences in the way history is read. Promilla Thappar, […]

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Vegan Diet: Everything you need to know

We have heard a lot about this diet and how people have been following it for various reasons. Here is your guide on what this diet is all about? What is a vegan diet? A vegan diet is essentially a diet which does not have any animal products. What is a vegan lifestyle? People who […]

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Here’s an assignment for you!

Artist Seamus Wray Artist Seamus Wray has painted his own self, painting his own self, who paints the two of them, and continues the chain (like looking in the L mirror). He seems to be so self observant that he paints the surroundings, lighting, angle and also himself in a very realistic manner. Artist Seamus […]

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Third mission to Mars in a month

The US space agency NASA’s latest Mars rover Perseverance became the third mission to the red planet from earth in a month. China launched its first Mars rover last week, which should arrive by May 2021. Even the UAE sent a mission this month.  The Perseverance is an astrobiology mission to look for signs of […]

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The shock value of art!

History of Art is a very interesting field. It helps us go to the root of the reason why we see what we see, feel what we feel, and also interact the way we do. Do you ever realise that when we follow our day to day routine, we become immune to what we are […]