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Laugh out loud with this one

Like its predecessor, this latest “Jumanji” movie combines fantasy action and adventure with some comedy, and real-life lessons about courage, friendship, and empathy—all with the help of some low-key race and gender fluidity.  Four teenagers of varying social positions would be forced to inhabit the bodies of avatars that looked suspiciously like Dwayne “The Rock” […]

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Christmas wreath

The christmas wreath has been a significant symbol for Christmas. We remember it being hung on doors, walls, on Christmas trees, at the altar of the Lord or even a tomb. The circle is a symbol of eternity. Of never ending circle of youth, vitality and energy. We make wreaths out of fresh leaves, twigs, […]

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Listings: Fun times are here!

What: Dome Christmas Carnival 2019 When: Wednesday, 25th December 2019 | 3PM Where: Dome, NSCI, Worli, Mumbai By: Dome, NSCI For: 2+ age group Cost: Rs 499 Detailed Info: What: Christmas Workshop For Kids When: Monday 23rd-Friday 27th December 2019 | 2PM-4PM Where: Khar West, Mumbai By: Sheeka Shah For: 6-16 age group Cost: For […]

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Going bananas over art

Mourizio Cattelan and his Hyper Realistic Sculptures Banana stuck on the wall with a duct tape is Art! And the first two sold for $120,000 (approximately Rs 86,00,000) whereas the third one was for $150000 (approximately Rs 1,00,00,000).  To understand this idea we must go back to the style of this particular artist. Born on […]

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Christmas read: Grab your hot chocolate 

It’s that time of the year when we’re full of hope and nostalgia. The last festival of the year is here, and the year is about to end. Christmas is the time to warm up and sit in a comfy corner with a book. Let your mind wander in the magical stories full of fun, […]

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This machines makes water from thin air

We all know how important water is for us. And also how we are nearing a water crisis. How many times you mom or dad have asked you to use water responsibly! Now an Israeli company Watergen has developed a technology that extracts water from the air around us.  Our atmosphere is full of water […]

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Greta is Time’s Person of The Year

The Swedish teenager who came on the world stage two years ago has become the face of protests against climate change. And Time magazine has recognised her efforts. Greta Thunberg has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2019. The 16-year-old is the youngest person to be chosen by the magazine in a […]

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South Asian Games: India tops its own record

It was the best medal haul till date for India. The Indian contingent at South Asian Games 2019 brought home both laurels and medals. Actually India concluded the South Asian Games with their highest medal tally in the history of the tournament. The contingent was able to win 310 medals, which includes 172 gold, 93 […]

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The Fibonacci Sequence

Did you get a chance to make Fractal design by yourselves? In continuation to that let’s talk about the famous Fibonacci Sequence. It’s a simple calculation of sequences we get by adding the previous numbers. Let’s see! The first number we take is 1. Second number will again be 1. Third number will be addition […]

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Listings: Have a fun-filled week

What: Kidz Carnival 4 When: Saturday, 21st December 2019 | 4PM-9PM Where: Edukidz International, Edukidz, INTL building No. 13 and 14 Tilak Nagar, Chembur Mumbai By: Edukidz International For: All Kids Cost: Rs 50 entrance fee Detailed Info: What: The Xmas Extravaganza at Jumble Tumble, Andheri When: Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd 2019 | 2PM-8PM […]