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112-year-old fish!

We all know tortoises live long. But ever heard of a fish which lives more than a 100 years? Well yes, scientists have just added a large, sucker-mouthed fish to the growing list of centenarian animals that will likely outlive you and me. In a new study scientists used bomb radiocarbon dating to find a […]

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Fun film for feisty Dora lovers

Change is difficult for all of us, it’s not easy to adapt to new situations and different environments. Having spent most of her life in the jungle, Dora too finds it difficult to adjust to a new High School life. Thankfully, there’s Diego for help. But as if change of place was not enough, the […]

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Listings: Attend these kid-friendly events…

What: Brother-Sister BondWhen: Sunday, 11th August 2019,  11AM-1PMWhere: 24 Ashish chs lts, 4  bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai By: Team Chubby SailorsFor: 2.5 and above age groupCost: Rs 700 (Per person) What: Mumbai’s Luxe Mom And Kids EventWhen: Saturday, 10th August 2019, 11AM-8PMWhere: Palace Halls, Worli, MumbaiBy: Pinwheel Project IndiaFor: Mom And KidsCost: Free Entry What: Rakhi […]

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Let’s serve some sibling love!

Festivals and sweets go hand-in-hand. This Raksha Bandhan as you celebrate the magical bond of brother and sister, how about cooking up some quick and easy desserts together? Let Chef and Culinary Expert Reetu Uday Kugaji help you spend some quality time dishing out healthy snacks in a plate! CrackerwichesPreparation Time: 05 minutes | Serves-04 […]

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Another Earth? Maybe

What if we told you that there maybe another habitable planet in the Universe? Excited? This Earth-like planet is 31 light years away from us, and if we are able to study it, so many questions would be answered about evolution and alien life. The super-Earth planet — named GJ 357 d — was discovered […]

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The art of revival and rebirth

Renaissance was a beautiful era of art history (1400s) which gave the society a chance to dream as well as believe. Renaissance literally means ‘rebirth’. Rebirth of ideas, desires, dreams and also the realistic outcome. Painters took an increasing interest in the representation of the visible world instead of being confined to that exclusive concern […]

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Two more Earths in the galaxy?

Scientists have discovered two new Earth-like planets around one of the closest stars within our galactic neighbourhood. The planets are located only 12.5 light years away orbiting the Teegarden star — a red dwarf in the direction of the constellation of Aries. Its surface temperature is 2,700 degrees Celsius, and its mass is only one-tenth […]

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From bland to realistic art

From bland to realistic art Last time we spoke about Ancient Classical Art which was predominant in Ancient Greece and Rome. This also means there were different areas of land where the civilisation were already finding different forms of expression to communicate among themselves. Coming to Medieval Art (400 – 1500 BC) Western Europe This […]

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You can’t cheat in this Monopoly

The game of Monopoly hardly ends well. There are smug winners and arrogant losers. Not to mention the defaulters and thieves. And you can never trust a banker who may slide few notes here and there. Now Hasbro has introduced Monopoly Voice Banking where the banking is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) speaker.  Players […]

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Obesity in childhood

We hear about the obesity epidemic hitting kids all over the world these days. But what does it really mean? What is Obesity? Can we look at someone who looks fatter than the rest of us and say that he or she is an obese? The answer is no. Obesity has got nothing to do […]