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It’s a vase, and it douses fire!

The nondescript, simple flower vase sitting on your side table is very handy. It’s not just a flower vase but also a fire extinguisher… yes it’s literally a fire vase!  Produced by a Samsung subsidiary called Cheil Worldwide, the vase works using an outer chamber filled with potassium carbonate that quickly cools and suppresses oxygen […]

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Western Art History

Since the beginning of human history, we have used various forms of expression to convey a message. This includes using soil, soft rocks, chalk or charcoal to make hands and faces on rocks or drawing animals to warn fellow tribe from dangers of getting attacked. The beginning of The Western Art History was The Ancient Classical […]

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More power to the sea!

Cruise ships are enigma. Imagine stories of building housing the best of amenities floating in water… and now imagine these stories powered by batteries. Yes, a cruise ship company has devised a way to let you enjoy the water sails without the guilt of wasting natural resources. The world’s first cruise ship propelled partially by […]

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Not just you, crocodiles were vegetarians too!

Ever being teased in school for being a herbivore. Well, you can always tell you friends a long list of animals in the jungle who are strong and vegetarian. Like elephants, giraffes, crocodiles… err yes. Crocodiles were vegetarians too, though you can add ‘once upon a time’ every time you place this argument. The researchers […]

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You can’t cheat in this Monopoly

The game of Monopoly hardly ends well. There are smug winners and arrogant losers. Not to mention the defaulters and thieves. And you can never trust a banker who may slide few notes here and there. Now Hasbro has introduced Monopoly Voice Banking where the banking is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) speaker.  Players […]