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Earth’s not enough, China too flies toward Mars

It seems the earth is not enough to contain the rivalry between the US and China.   China launched a rover to Mars, a journey coinciding with a similar US mission as the powers take their rivalry into deep space. The two countries are taking advantage of a period when Earth and Mars are favourably aligned […]

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Celebrate Ice Cream month with these funny facts

So July is celebrated as ice cream month in the USA but when it comes to ice cream, we all can celebrate it all year long, can’t we! Well, let’s find out some amazing mind boggling facts about one of our favourite desserts… Chocolate ice cream was invented before vanilla. Actually, vanilla was rare and […]

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Krishna by Nicholas Roerich

Year: 1930 Medium: Tempera, Canvas Location: Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, USA. Nicholas Roerich was born on 9th October  1874 in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was a painter, writer, archeologist, theosophist, philosopher, and a public figure who was extremely spiritual. Roerich dedicated much of his life and work to the Himalayas, which was also his […]

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All eyes toward the sky please!

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment! Yes, something which wouldn’t reappear for another 6,800 years.  Various parts of the world have witnessed the Neowise comet, also known as C3/2020 F3, and now it will be visible in India till July 24. No binoculars or telescopes will be needed to spot the comet as it will be visible […]

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Hope Mission: Know all about it here

Abu Dhabi The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is set to launch its Emirates Mars Mission aka Hope Mars Mission on July 17, but it may be delayed further in case bad weather persists. The Emirates Mars Mission called “Hope” was announced in 2015 with the aim of creating mankind’s first integrated model of the Red […]

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A parrot outsmarts Harvard students in memory games 

They are pretty, clever and can also talk back to you. African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) can live more than 50 years, memorize dozens of words in English and, if given the chance, outsmart a flock of Harvard students in a classic Shell Game. Actually one did. A parrot called Griffin has humiliated students at […]

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The ‘Composition’ of Wassily Kandinsky

Artist: Wassily Kandinsky Name of Painting: Composition 8 Location: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Created: 1923 MEDIUM: OIL ON CANVAS DIMENSIONS: 55 1/4 X 79 INCHES (140.3 X 200.7 CM) Genre: Abstract art Periods: Suprematism, Abstract art Wassily Kandinsky was from Moscow, Russia. He studied and was always fascinated by  theoretical geometry. This is the study […]

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The Great Wave of Kanagawa

Name: The Great Wave Year: 1829 – 1833 Size: 25.7 cm × 37.8 cm (10.1 in × 14.9 in) Medium: color woodblock The Great Wave is a Japanese Wood Print imprint done by the great artist Katsushika Hokusai. It was this series, specifically The Great Wave print secured Hokusai’s fame both in Japan and overseas. […]

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Live in a bubble, for real! 

Even as social distancing is becoming a norm, the tourism industry is looking at new ways to boost their business.  A secluded retreat in South Iceland caters to guests who want to be surrounded by nature—and you will be literally immersed in it, staying in your own private bubble nestled in the forest. You can […]

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Fisherman catches statue instead of fish! 

Generally fishermen catch fish in the sea and rivers but this month a Spanish fisherman caught a statue, that too a 700 year old one!  Fisherman Fernando Brey was wading in the Sar River near Santiago de Compostela, Spain. As he fished, he stumbled over a stone. But when he looked more closely, he realized […]