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Underwater museum on a shipwreck in Amsterdam

A Dutch architecture firm is building an underwater museum of a 271-year-old shipwreck. Amsterdam seems to have become a great place to create museums of all sorts. Right from the most fascinating Rijks Museum where you can spend hours lost in its glory to the Banksy museum. Amsterdam has it all. They are now planning […]

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Can you find beauty in these ugly pictures?

An artist pretended to be a billionaire to infiltrate New York’s most elite apartments and take ‘ugly pictures of very fancy buildings’. Budapest-based Hungarian artist Andi Schmied, while in New York as part of a Triangle Arts Association residency,  made up a very clever story and some acting skills. Schmied gained access to some of […]

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Good samaritans leave cash for the needy

What would you do if you found a bundle of cash just lying around on the road? Well, something like that happened at least 13 times in the small town of England.  Since 2014 there have been at least 13 instances of money being found in Blackhall Colliery, County Durham, usually amounting to £2,000 (almost […]

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Banksy’s new mural has a message about Covid

A new mural by Banksy has appeared on the side of a house in the southern UK city of Bristol. The piece shows a woman in a headscarf sneezing, with her dentures flying several feet out of her mouth and a graphic spray of saliva following them. She is doubled over by the force of […]

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Funky furniture for creative kids

Disclaimer-This article is for marketing purposes only.  The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the normal flow of events in our lives. A lot of changes have happened from schools, playgrounds, daycares and businesses shutting down. As a result, homeschooling has become the norm of the year. Not just schooling, our homes became playgrounds, gyms, restaurants… all […]

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What art has to do with NASA? A lot actually

Artist Julia Christensen has partnered with scientists and engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She has been working with scientists who are trying to send a craft to conduct a reconnaissance fly-by there. It will carry Christensen’s artwork, The Tree of Life, and beam it down to whatever little aliens might be there. The artist, […]

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Wondering about Christmas gifts? Check out these fantastic ideas at Amazon

Christmas-styled cosy cushions Christmas brings in a lot of light, fun decorations and chill vibes! Are you looking for quirky cushions to deck up your furniture and make it Christmas ready? It is afterall, the Christmas Decor that we all wait for the entire year. Now that Christmas is around the corner it has to […]

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Smell those historic events now, for real!

While we all read and listen to history, what if we could smell it also? How would the industrial revolution or Great Depression smell like? Well, now we may know.  Many historians and scientists across Europe are coming together with perfumers and museums for a unique project: To capture what Europe smelled like between the […]

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Medical bill can also be art!

An art collective turned three Americans’ medical bills into paintings and then sold them to erase $73,000 worth of debt! Imagine this! MSCHF, the Brooklyn-based group of artists and designers who previously cut up a Damien Hirst painting and sold off the individual paintings after which they recreated three peoples’ medical invoices as large scale […]

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Books: Top picks this month

Books: Top picks this month Title: It’s Not Little Red Riding Hood Author: Josh Funk Illustrator: Edwardian Taylor Publisher: Two Lions Once again, the beleaguered storyteller tries to tell a traditional fairy tale, with little success. Red has some questions about her delivery to Grandma’s house, the wolf calls in sick, and more chaos ensues. […]